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Our Mission

The mission of The Institute on Women is to improve the lives of the 5.9 million women and girls in Ohio by serving as a data-rich resource for strategic change.  

Five Key Strategies for Women in Ohio 

The Institute on Women's mission very purposefully focuses its intent on creating strategic change for women and girls in Ohio.  

To put it very simply, strategic change is focused on changes women's lives, while practical change usually is about making women's lives easier, but without any differences in their long-term economic status and access to power. We believe strategic change in the following five areas would change the lives of women and girls in Ohio in positive and significant ways.  

The highlighted bullets below are linked to a page with additional information and statistics about each strategy (more info coming on the remainder). 

  • Post-Secondary Education and Training
  • Non-Traditional Job Opportunities 
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Child Care
  • Women in Leadership Roles 
  • Political 
  • Corporate


    United Way of Central Ohio Women's Leadership Council: E3 Program

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